The list of demonstrations is not complete. More to be added soon.


Nature documentary “The Wind Sculpted Land”

Screening and meeting with the author Joosep Matjus

Before the screening, the audience will have the chance to listen to the author of the film.

Introduction of crisis kits

Demonstrator: Erki Vaikre

NPO Estlander

Building a kayak

Demonstrator: Jevgeni Dernovoi

ManitoQ - Surf and Snow outdoor school

Wild eatable plants

Demonstrator: Ethel Elor

Bog Ore workshop

Demonstrator: Karmo Kiivit

Hammock camp

Demonstrator: Marko Habicht

Building a hobbit house

Demonstrator: Thomas Krueger

Perma Culture Latvia

Different knives and how to use them

Demonstrator: ​​Magnus de Beshe

Survival Guild of Sweden

Tool sharpening

Demonstrator: Tobias Karlsson

Bushcraft Festival in Sweden

Historical tattooing

Demonstrator: Damy van der Waal

Historical musical instruments

Demonstrator: Eva Väljaots

NPO Estlander


* The organisers reserve the right to alter the programme