In the evenings, all participants are welcome to come and enjoy music in the Great Tepee which seats up to 200 people with standing room for 500 people.

The list of musicians will be added soon.


In the evenings all festival-goers are welcome to try out our four saunas:
1) Raudsilla Earth Sauna  descends from the ancient cave sauna, where tens of sauna lovers can enjoy the mild steam softened by the moisture of the soil. In the middle of the sauna there is a large pool of brown-hued peat bog water, which has been attributed healing properties. The sauna is located by the ever-cool Pärlijõgi (Pearl river).
2) Raudsilla Tepee Sauna is the direct descendant of the saunas of ancient Finns. The tepee sauna accommodates approximately twenty people who can enjoy the steam that is dryer than that of the Earth Sauna, yet airy. The Tepee Sauna is located by Pärlijõgi.
3) Sauna Barrel stands next to the Tepee Sauna. The water has been heated just to fit the weather, offering a delightful change to sauna steam and cool river water.
4) The Mobile Sauna of Kuusalu Autobaas has been built on the frame of the legendary GAZ-63, a ton truck of the Soviet Army, which is why it is capable of bringing sauna pleasures even to the marshes. The steam room is somewhat smaller than in other saunas, accommodating just eight people, but, rest assured, the hot steam will not let them linger too long.