All festival-goers are welcome to participate in Bushcraft Festival’s workshops.
The list of workshops is not complete. More to be added soon.

– we recommend also for children
Fire starting level 1 – starting fire with birch bark and a fire striker

Fire starting level 2 – bowdrill and other natural fire starting methods

Fire starting level 3 – chemical fire starters

Preparation and use of Chaga

Whistles made of natural materials

Tin and plastic whistles

Making a bone needle holder

Braiding grass rope


Preparing meat wrapped in clay

Processing small game

Processing small birds

Spring setting and sharpening hand saws

First aid and transporting casualities

Sleeping gear from handy materials

Forest food in summer, hike

Bread baking on an open fire

Water distilling

A hike in nature for children

Fireplace blacksmithing

Candle making

Leather crafting

Carving a little wooden spatula

Spoon carving

Birch bark crafting

Tar ointment

Tar burning

Natural boot polish

Hollowed containers

Natural leather tanning

Preparing fish on a campfire

Medicinal herbs


Natural ink

Preparing mushrooms

Rune charms and property marks


Ash soap

Animal fat based soap


Natural fibre ropes


Bone carving

Knitting and using a fishing net
* The organisers reserve the right to alter the programme